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To Eat or Not To Eat?

Well, hello there! If you’re anything like myself, you probably have frequent debate sessions in your head whether to eat a certain food or not. What’s it gonna hurt right? Should I or shouldn’t I? It’ll be this one time. Or, everything has something wrong with it, so it won’t kill you. It hasn’t killed me all this time.  I’ll loose the pounds later. I’ll take something before or after I eat this. Last but not least, just pray over it & keep going. LOL. Any of this sound familiar? I think we can all agree that some time or another in our lives, we’ve heard the term “You are what you eat!” Yeah right! But it’s totally true! It took me half of a lifetime to fully understand this, but better late that never! My point is this, we ALL need to eat better, feel better, look better, & be better. You never get too young or too old to achieve this goal. Now, let’s talk about some steps that can help you along the way. These are my personal techniques that I have tried, tested, & proven! Sooooooo, it works for me. Amen? Amen.

  1. Know your foods. Know what triggers you. What does that mean? It means, learn which foods make you feel better or feel worse. Sometimes you can tolerate a certian food, but you know it’s not the best choice or option for you, your body, or your health.
  2. Take small steps. It’s all about discipline. For example, if you know you want to cut back on meats, try this rule of thumb. Lower your meat portions to the size of your palm. Don’t exceed that amount. Load up on more veggies. They’re your best friend!
  3. Why am I eating this? Are your truly hungry or have your trained your body to think it’s hungry at any given time? If you feel the need to snack, grab a piece of fruit, a bar, or something nutritious.
  4. Take charge. Stop saying what you can’t do. Retrain your tastebuds. It can happen. Give it time.  Alot of times, we are culturally taught to eat a certain way or to eat certain foods. It’s ok! just try different foods. Healthy foods. There are tons HEALTHY foods that can be just as filling as unhealthy foods. And your sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, moods, sleep, energy, etc. will thank you.
  5.  Drink more water and EXERCISE! Drink less carbonated drinks & juices. Cut your sugars! If you’re not a gym person, then take walks, get your heart pumping! Move! Incorporate more leafy green foods, vegetables, & fruit. If you’re a bread person, cut back a little. Try some Ezekiel  bread. It’s bread made from whole grains that have been allowed to sprout to germinate before milling into flour.
  6. If a had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that eating healthy is way too expensive, I’m going to SCREAM! Stop it! Lies!! All lies! If you spend your money eating out, going to fast food joints, buying processed foods, or eating junk, you’re spending just as much money or more. There are plenty of resonable places to buy healthier options, and it can take you a long way. Most resturants now even cater to vegan/vegetarian dishes. Why? because more & more people are realizing the importance of a healthier lifestyle and how it affects your health. They are seeing the end results! You ARE what you eat!

Lastly, be intentional and consistent. You basically get what you put in. Be true to yourself and your body. I can probably eat an item that you totally hate. That’s ok! Try something different. Know what works for you. Just don’t give up. It gets better! I’ve come to realize that some foods I LOVE, I just can’t eat. I refuse. Why? I know the end results. I know how it triggers my body. I know how it makes me feel. Set rules/boundaries. It’s all about your health. Regardless of what others are eating, stick to your guns. Eating healthy is a LIFESTYLE choice. We all have choices. Let’s choose to be free, well, happy, & empower others to do the same.

Coming soon!!!  I will be starting meal prep plans and smoothies! If you are interested, please send me an email under my contact page. All related information will be posted on my site, along with pricing, & health faq’s. Paypal will be accepted on my page as well.  I’m currently working on a newsletter, so make sure you’re subscribed!!




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