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Sliced Cantaloupe

Now that it’s officially Summer, I thought it would be nice to blog/share some of my FAVORITE summer staples! Nothing screams summer like fresh fruit! It’s healthy, delicious, refreshing, & it keeps you coming for more! Cantaloupes are probably one of my top 3 favorite fruits. One cup of cantaloupe contains just 60 calories! For the win! Cantaloupes will also keep you hydrated during those hot summer months. Why cantaloupe on a scorcher? Cantaloupes have a whopping 90% water content! Your body requires water & it cannot function properly without enough. Your body actually contains about 60% of your body weight. Water helps transport oxygen, fat and glucose to your muscles, regulates your body temperature, digest foods, & eliminate waste products. I could eat a whole cantaloupe alone! No shame here! I can never get enough! So, make sure you’re eating your fruits & veggies! If you’re not a fan of cantaloupe, there are tons of other fruit options. A few other high content water fruits are watermelons, strawberries, (which contain about 92% water per/volume),  grapefruit, (91%) peaches (87%), & pineapples (87%)! There are tons more! Do your research & start incorporating more fruit/veggies in your daily diet! It’s filling, nutritious, & it helps you to kick the urge of choosing something unhealthy. Most fruit are naturally sweetened. So the next time you crave something sweet, grab a slice of fruit! Your body will thank you! Until next time!




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