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Roasted Almonds

Almonds has to be another one of my favorite sources of protein. It’s small in size, but packed with power! Basically, the myths you hear about these babies are true! Why? Almonds are filled with minerals such as magnesium,copper, potassium, calcium, iron, & B vitamins! Not enough convincing for ya? Almonds are 13% protein. One ounce (or roughly about 23 almonds) are an EXCELLENT source of vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, & protein. They’re great snacks as well! I literally keep a snack bag filled with almonds daily in my tote! Yep! Busted! And they’re super filling! When I’m feeling extra snacky (is snacky even a word?) well, for the sake of this blog it is! I eat almonds! Another thing, they’re delicious & they can be incorporated in pretty much everything. Salads, veggies, as a stand alone item, fresh almond milk, with fruit, & as a trail mix. Need I say more? Yes, I have more!

Almonds are even better when they’re roasted. Gosh! It takes the flavor to another whole level of GRAND! In this simple recipe, there’s absolutely no hard leg work required. Now, you can choose to either slice/cut your own almonds (which I did in this video), or you can buy them already sliced. Totally up to you! Almonds are a nice, elegant, simple, healthy, & delicious way to get in your extra protein intake. Remember, let’s not complicate things. I actually prepared & paired these roasted almonds with some asparagus. My youngest daughter doesn’t care for almonds that well, but she totally ate them roasted & paired with some asparagus. She was picking her almonds out separately eating them. Double win! And it really amps up the taste in your dish. Here’s what I did..

Cook Time

5-10 minutes


Take your skillet of choice & apply about 1- 1 1/2  tablespoons of butter. Coconut and/or extra virgin olive oil is also great. Bring it to a medium heat & add in your sliced almonds. Sprinkle a small amount of salt/pepper, & toss occasionally. Let simmer for about 5-10 minutes. They will soften, but you still want that crunch (so don’t over cook). You’re done! Its just that simple! Add them to your favorite dish! Enjoy!



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