"Fruit of the day challenge"

Fruit Of The Day Challenge-Day 5

Hello! We made it! Today is the final day of my 5 day “fruit of the day” challenge! Hopefully everyone has now found it much easier to eat fruit daily. This is the start of something new! Something big! So I challenge you once again, to make this a PERMANENT thing! Don’t stop here. Continue to move forward in making better decisions regarding your health. Eat more fruit & vegetables daily! Eating healthy isn’t complicated. Take one day at a time. Just don’t quit! Be intentional in order to see results! Another idea are smoothies! hint hint I have tons of smoothies recipes on my site, so feel free to take advantage!  Some people do better with drinking their fruits/vegetables. And trust me, you can’t even tell that you’re drinking vegetables! Smoothies are super yummy! The best thing about smoothies, are catering them to your own individual taste! Whatever works for you!  There’s no incorrect way to do them. Make it fun! I will be posting new smoothie recipes starting next week, along with other great dishes. So be sure to check my site daily! If your’e not following, go ahead & hit that follow button! You don’t want to miss out on anything!

Now, let’s talk about my “fruit of the day” choice. As you can see, I chose cucumbers & tomatoes! These 2 fruit combined are a match made in heaven! This is actually one of my favorite combos. It’s light, colorful, refreshing, & it is so good! I drizzled a little bit of EVOO, a dash of Italian dressing, & topped it with a hint of kosher salt & pepper! Did you know that cucumbers & tomatoes are actually considered fruit? Yes! And today I’m here to give you a brief rundown of each of these. Here’s a few health benefits of both.

Cucumbers- 1. Cucumbers keep you hydrated! 2. Cucumbers flushes out toxins 3. Aids in weight loss 4. Nourishes you with vitamins 5. Revives the eyes!

Tomatoes-  1. Tomatoes contain all 3 high powered antioxidants (beta carotene) which has vitamin A, E, & C!  2. Tomatoes are rich in potassium 3. Tomatoes contain all 4 major carotenoids: alpha- and beta-carotene, lutein, & lycopene!

Thank you all for joining in with me for my 5 day “fruit of the day” challenge!! Now, go get your fruit on!!




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