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Simple Syrup


Since my last post, (entitled vanilla iced coffee) I’ve been frequently asked “what is simple syrup?” Well, I’m here to answer! It’s quite simple. (get it?? simple) But honestly, it’s really very simple & the best part is that the name speaks for itself! It gets no easier! Simple syrup is basically sugar & water combined to a form a liquid. It serves great purposes for things such as teas, lemonade, iced coffee’s, & other drinks/foods. No form of sugar is really great for you, however, there are a few healthier options for sweeteners. In my home, I opt to use PURE organic cane sugar. Why cane sugar? I’ll save that answer for another blog, along with a few of my top choices of healthier sweeteners/sugars. When drinking iced drinks or non-iced, who wants to drink sugar grind or grids? I don’t. So simple syrup is the perfect liquid sweetener enhancer! And the best part is it only calls for 2 ingredients! For the win! yes!! You read correctly! Here’s what you do…


1 equal part sugar & 1 equal part water. {I prefer cane sugar, but feel free to use whatever sugar you desire}


Combine your sugar/water in small pot, slightly sir, & let simmer on low/medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Turn off & allow mixture to cool. If not, pour mixture into a container & allow to cool in the refrigerator. Simple as 1, 2, 3! You’re set! Pour, drink, & enjoy!




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