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Vanilla Iced Coffee

It’s been a moment since I’ve blogged, so what better way to kick things back off than with this vanilla iced coffee? I did a couple of similar iced coffee recipes last year as well, so feel free to check those out while you’re here! This vanilla iced coffee is a newer version, but no worries! You will still have the same great taste! My vanilla iced coffee is the perfect Spring/Summer drink! Annddddd without the guilt pretty much. Being that it’s officially Spring & the weather being warmer, I still adore a good cup of coffee. And we all know how I love coffee! This recipe is a healthier choice & it tastes marvelous! Now, lets get into how you prepare this. It’s very simple, &  you will thank yourself later! Coffee drinking at it’s finest!


brewed coffee (that has sat & cooled) Tip: the stronger the coffee, the better the taste!

unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla abstract or to taste (or a small amount of a fresh vanilla bean)

1/2 cup of ice

sweetener of choice (I used simple syrup in this recipe)

whip cream optional


In a mason jar dump in your ice, pour in your pre-brewed coffee half way, then pour in your almond milk, & add your vanilla abstract & sweetener. Stir or shake & enjoy! Top with whip cream if you want to get fancy!



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