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Mashed Sweet Potatoes


I know it’s been for EVA since my last blog was published, however,that will all change! I was recently asked by a reader why I haven’t been posting, & my response was “ummmmm” I’ve been off the radar. Guilty!! But I’m officially back on the grid!!😊 Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, let’s talk food. Shall we???

Being that the seasons are changing, I have so very many new recipes to share & so many new things that I plan to reveal that has been total encouragement in my life. So, don’t count me out just yet! I’ve received so many new veggies from my mothers garden & I’ve been exploring like no other! Yummy, healthy, fulfilling meals are my goal! So, lets get right to it. Of course, these sweet potatoes came straight from Moms garden. These babies were HUGE to say the least, but the flavor was remarkable. Here’s what I did.


6 large sweet potatoes

1/cup of skim milk (or whatever milk of choice)

cinnamon to taste

butter (roughly 1/2 stick)

sugar (to taste)

vanilla extract (1-2 tsps)


Peal, chop, & rinse your potatoes. Bring roughly 1/2 pot of water to a boil (or just enough to cook the potatoes) Gently dump all chopped potatoes into the water. Let cook/simmer until potatoes have softened, or until your fork can go through the potatoes with  ease. Remove pot & drain excess water from the potatoes. Mash potatoes & add all above ingredients until satisfaction. Covert into dish of choice. Enjoy!!

  • I used a potato smasher in this recipe, but you can also use a blender to slightly mix *



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