Iced Coffee's

Iced Coffee ☕️

When I tell you this is the simplest recipe EVER!, please believe me. I am a coffee lover, & that’s probably putting it mildly. However, I try to be mindful of my caffeine intake by decreasing my cups of coffee and/or caffeine period! Yes, the STRUGGLE is REAL! Lol

Now that the weather is warm, my coffee cravings kinda shift. I still desire my coffee but I want a cold version. And this recipe is so helpful. If you follow my blogs, my other “go to” healthier version is my “coffee protein smoothie .” If you want to check that out, please feel free to do so. FYI.. I will be Vlogging some of my recipes, so stay tuned!! Eeekkkkk!! I’m still working on some new ideas.

But back to the topic. This is what you’ll need for your cold coffee. It is so worth the try. Also, as it sits the coffee tastes enhances. If you don’t drink it all at once, stick it in the fridge. I made this last night & it preserves well.


brewed coffee

almond milk

chocolate syrup

(If you’re not a fan of chocolate syrup, totally fine. Exclude the syrup & add sweetener of choice before you drink.  Shake & enjoy! The taste is just as scrumptious!)

*Simply pour your brewed coffee/chocolate syrup into a bowl & whisk together. Next, convert your brewed coffee mixture into ice trays. Freeze! Once frozen, remove desired amount into a mason glass, pour your milk over your cubes, give it a good stir, & you have wonderful iced coffee!

Another tip: Whipped cream on top is  optional, along with some grated unsweetened chocolate.




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