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Fish Kabobs🐟

I decided to try something new. My husband loves fish, as well as my children. Me, on the other hand, have to have an acquired taste at times. My family could actually eat it everyday, along with shrimp. Me, on the other hand, ummmmm not so much. Weird huh? Hey, to each is own. Now veggies, that’s another blog!! Although I don’t eat a certain food as often, I always try to accommodate my family, even if it comes to me preparing something different for myself. This dish pretty much came “spur of the moment.” My son had taken out sway fish (which is featured in this pic), so I came up with this quicky idea.

By the way, the weather here has been AMAZING lately, & on a norm, these babies would’ve gone on the grill, but I opted to stick them in the oven on a grill pan. Same results! These skewers cooked about an hour,  & I flipped them in between. How easy is that?


Fish of your choice

2 fresh lemons

1 onion diced

2 Roma tomatoes diced



red pepper

fresh lemon juiced squeezed from your 2 lemons.

liquid aminos

cajun seasoning

onion powder


chop all ingredients, place in bowl of choice, season, stir around so that everything is mixed well, stack all ingredients on skewers, place on baking sheet and/or grill, and you’re done! Cook time is about an hour! Bone appetite!



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