An Ah Ha Moment

So yesterday was one of those days when it took literally 1 person to just rock my perspective on the “small things” in life in which we take for granted. An elderly lady came to speak with me on a business idea and basically wanted to follow up to see how everything was moving along. I confirmed that everything was just peachy and she had “no worries”. She went on to thank me. Shortly thereafter, she paid me a compliment and indicated that I’ve always helped her and she remembered me from her previous visit. Since the  last visit, her life had taken a bit of a toll for the worst. Her husband took ill, (but is now doing well ). With further conversation, she indicated that she  had to change her life completely around and start working after several years of a retirement state to make ends meet. Wow! Talk about a lump in my throat. I asked her was everything ok now? She replied” yes.” As our conversation progressed, she told me that she’s learned to just appreciate the smaller things in life, to follow her dreams on selling jewelry that is  similar to a very well known company, and she’d just gotten back from LA from some potential business ventures. I told her that was amazing and to keep up the great work!

After more conversation she informed me that she never forgets a face, as well as how someone treats her, along with being provided with accurate/detailed information, and I provided her with all of the above. I thanked her. But the one thing that stood out to her the most… drum rolls please was my hair!! I was completely shocked. She explained. It’s not just your nice face, but your hair stood out to me and made a statement. She said it’s the simple things. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair off for ages, and I never had the courage and felt as if I  were too old. She said I’m in a new chapter in my life and I’m ready for this new journey. Life was rough last year she indicated, but things are finally looking up, and I have a new outlook and perspective on life since the illness of my husband. Lastly, she told me she was going to cut/shave her hair because it meant that she was finally “free”! Free to live, free to breathe, free to embrace, and the freedom to follow her long lived desire to sell nice jewelry and to cut her hair!

Needless to say, I thanked her. In return, she asked for what? I said for the simple reminder, that beauty is whatever we need it to be. The beauty of life, the beauty from within, and the reassurance that a simple “shaved head” is a statement. A statement that life is about who you are, where you want to be, and who is in control! God can send you a simple reminder that someone is always watching. So live your life to the fullest, follow your passions, your dreams, do what’s right, what’s honorable, and to include him on the top of our  “to do  lists”, and everything else will fall into place. Now that my readers, was my “AH HA” moment!





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  1. Love it!


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