Feeling Overwhelmed?

imageI think we all have days when we feel as though 24 hours in a day just ISN’T enough! I personally have a tendency to OVER think, plan, & organize. Sometimes I can lay in bed and envision a calendar in my brain. Creepy huh? Kinda, sorta, ummmmm nah! Not to me.

Being a Mother/Wife you wear so many hats. You’re a doctor, therapist, teacher, counselor, house keeper, advisor, friend, secretary, trainer, and the list goes on. There are times when I want to just scream to the top of my lungs, “WHEN DOES THIS END?!!!”

Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news… Which do you want to hear first? 😳

Ha! I’m glad you asked. The good news is, it can & it does get better! That’s kinda where your priorities kick in. Decide what is absolutely necessary! Can this wait until tomorrow, or next week? Or, do I just want to stress myself out and push for an immediate fix. Been there, done that. It doesn’t help. Check off the things that you really and ABSOLUTELY need to do. Other things, can wait. I’ve learned NOT to sweat the small stuff, and boy did that take years! The truth of the matter is, I’m still learning.

Are you going to have a panic attack if the clothes aren’t washed or folded, or maybe the dishes aren’t cleaned, and God forbid if the house is not clean. It’s OK!!! God wants us to trust him with every aspect of lives. Trust him even when you don’t see a way. That’s what Faith is all about. Pray, give it over to God, & just leave it there already!!

Lastly, here’s the bad news. You have to learn how to take one day at a time. Whew! That’s a lot for me, you may say. Yes, it is. Your health is more important than anything. God is above that. You have to trust & believe that he knows best. If he brought you to it,you know what? He will bring you through it. Faith & worrying doesn’t mix. So, the next time you’re feeling anxious, know that better days are ahead. You’re not alone, and believe me, it could be worse. In all things, give thanks! He’s faithful! Just breathe….. Choose life!



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